Late Sri. Natarajan Venkataram

Sri. Late Natarajan Venkataram

Our Guardian Angel

God's True Gift To His Near and Dear

The noblest of souls Sri. Natarajan Venkataram was born in Idappadi, Salem District, Tamilnadu. Not many know of his innumerable feats since he was a man of few words. He lived life to the fullest. 

He found happiness in teaming and partnering his family. 

Sri. Natarajan Venkataram was an inspiring Orator. He staunchly encouraged the mindset of being wholesomely occupied, mentally alert and physically active. 

He was an ardent follower of Shirdi Saibab. He propagated the readings of the Sacred Scriptures,  the Vedantha, the essence of Hindu Religion, the culture of Karma Yoga, Gnana Yoga.  

Sri. Natarajan Venkataram was a member of AVOPA. He supported programs for  Child Education.  He granted scholarships to enable those lower income children to achieve their Educational dreams.

Sri. Natarajan worked  relentlessly and diligently  with his eldest daughter , Dr. Vasavi, to conceive the luxurious old-age home Vishranthi Dham. The combined efforts of his spouse and daughter resulted in the exquisite Nava Graha garden, the quaint temple complex for Ganesha. 

A complete Man whose absence has created a void in the hearts of all who were fortunate to come across him. His Family and friends will eternally cherish his memories for lifetimes to come.

We Miss You Immensely!